Metoden för att förbättra kvaliteten på placeringen (SMT plockningsmaskin)
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1. Preparation before mounting

Receive PCB and components according to the mounting schedule of the product process document and carefully check whether the size, shape and color of the components themselves are consistent. Do a safety check before starting the machine, check whether the air pressure of the compressed air source meets the equipment requirements, and check and ensure that there are no debris around the guide rail, placement head, nozzle library tray frame or within the moving range. It must be turned on in accordance with the equipment safety technical operation specifications.

2. Strict inspection after the first piece is placed

Check whether the component specifications, directions, and polarities on each number are consistent with the process documents; components, pins, whether there is damage or deformation; whether the placement position of the components deviates from the pad is beyond the allowable range. It is usually judged according to the enterprise standard customized by the unit.

3. Inspection and adjustment of the results of the first trialplacering

If the component placement position on the PCB is offset, it can be calibrated by correcting the coordinate value of the PCB MARK point, and the coordinates of the PCB MARK point are moved to the component offset direction, and the amount of movement is the offset of the component placement position. equal. The correct coordinates can also be re-imaged by the camera. If the picking fails, it means that the picking height is not suitable, the component thickness is not set correctly, and the picking coordinates are wrong. After checking, adjust and correct according to the actual value. Check whether the suction nozzle is blocked, unclean, or the end face is worn or cracked, and the suction nozzle should be cleaned or replaced in time. If the nozzle is too large, it may cause air leakage. If the nozzle is too small, it will cause insufficient suction. Select the appropriate nozzle model according to the size and weight of the components. Check the air path for air leakage, and increase or dredge the air pressure in time. Check whether the image processing is correct, if not, the film may be discarded frequently and the image should be retaken.

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